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Janice Walrafen: tile artist


Artist Janice Walrafen creates handmade decorative relief tile, murals, and sculptures from clay in her studio in East Montpelier, Vermont. Inspired by her love and connection to the diversity and beauty of nature, she creates handmade one-of–a-kind and multiple tile by carving into moist clay, creating a subtle relief image in the clay giving it a dimensional and textural quality.

The decorative relief tile are created by pressing clay into an original plaster mold. Each tile is carefully dried, fired and hand painted with studio-made glazes, fired a second time to stoneware temperature of 2200 degrees, creating colorful and unique tiles. They can be installed into a field of tile, hung on the wall as artwork (each tile is notched on the back and can be hung with a small headed nail) or used as a trivet. Custom design tile is available upon request.

About Janice Walrafen

Janice Walrafen: tile artist

Janice resides along the Winooski River in Plainfield Vermont among the wise white pine, sweet cedar, fiddleheads, cattails, wild and domestic creatures that share her home and garden; red squirrel, crow, turkey, deer, jay, merganser, fox, owl, mink, weasel, otter, chickadee, yellow finch, grouse, woodpecker, goose, duck, canine, and human friends. She grew up in the Senoran desert of Arizona with her artist/potter mother and two sisters. She takes after her mom and makes a living as an artist, making handmade tile and sculpture from clay, teaching art to people of all ages, creating masked costumes and large street puppets, coordinating seasonal pageants and parades in Montpelier, the State Capital. Janice is also a member of the Vermont Craft Council.

Janice co-creates AllTogetherNow! Community Arts Center in East Montpelier, with Ellen Leonard. Ellen is the director of the awesome preschool at AllTogetherNow! and teaches family music classes. Together they teach summer camp and produce our community seasonal pageants, parades and puppet shows. Janice has her Art Tiles clay studio, classroom, puppets and share community gardens at AllTogetherNow! The mission is to be an inspiration and model for sustainable living and celebration. Visit our evolving website at: alltogethernowvt.org